Dutch DJ duo Lucas & Steve Talks New Music, China Debut: Interview

Lucas & Steve is a Dutch DJ duo from Maastricht formed by house DJs Lucas de Wert and Steven Jansen. The duo was formed in 2010 and joined Spinnin' Records in December 2014. Lucas and Steve met each other in teens but started collaborating until secondary school. It didn’t take them too long to team up as full-time DJs because of their same music taste. Last month, Lucas & Steve wrapped up the Creamfields Guangzhou performance, and sat down with Billboard Radio China to talk about their first festival in China and their new music. 

Speaking of the EDM difference between Asia and Europe, they said that the market in Asia keeps growing bigger and bigger while EDM in Europe is at the ceiling and can’t glow anymore because it’s already a super big thing there. “Every time when we come back, there are more fans not just of us but also the genre, it’s a beautiful thing to see and to be part of it,” Lucas added.

The two-time Buma Awards winner released their new song "You Don't Have to Like It", featuring Janieck just before the festival season starts. It is a shelved song which Lucas & Steve actually composed a year ago, the energy and the vibe are a bit different than what they used to produce.  “We wanna make a track that people could chill on and just listen to, on the radio, online streaming or even in party,” said Lucas.


The track goes viral in radio and festival and is well-received by fans and listeners. The last but not least, some good news for Lucas & Steve’s fans, they are going to release a new track monthly in 2018 and will start after China tour this month. Stay tuned and follow closely. Check out the full interview and find out more about Lucas & Steve at Billboard Radio China.