We’re back again with another great interview here on Billboard Radio China! Doomkitty got on the phone with the front man of Canadian pop punk group Sum 41, Deryck Whibley, to talk about everything from playing music over the last twenty years to the effects of technology on playing and producing music. From their first album, Half Hour of Power, to their latest release, 13 Voices, the band have kept their hard hitting sound strong and vibrant.

   Calling from Japan on his way to the Summer Sonic music festival, Deryck and Sum 41 have wrapped up a year and a half of worldwide touring with their Don’t Call It A Sum Back Tour. Following extended health issues, Deryck used the writing process of 13 Voices to get himself healthier and improve his overall being, saying the album itself is about the whole journey and process of getting better.

   The band has gone through some lineup changes, most recently having founding member Dave Baksh return after nearly a decade away from the group, but Deryck promises that the return of Dave has been a natural return to old times and that the band picked right back up from where they were then.

   It’s been a few years since Sum 41’s first show in China, but the band is still planning on returning and hopes to do that soon, along with more time around all of Asia. As Deryck put it, “put a stage there and we’ll play it”. Hopefully we’ll see more of Sum 41 in China soon, but until then, we’ve got a great interview lined up for you to get you in a little deeper with Deryck and the band!