Soulful new singer TIEN 張天 released her debut Mandarin single "過呼吸 (Breathless)”, this single is a jazzy pop song with a sultry vibe and a playful twist at the end. TIEN came to our Billboard Radio China studio to have a 10 Questions Interview with our DJ Jimmy to talk about her debut single and her story behind starting a music career.

       At the beginning of the interview, TIEN explained she listened to a lot of rock music when she was a child, thanks to her mum by playing Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Red Chili Peppers. Her mum also sang her classic lullabies, making TIEN started to love singing when she was very young. Although TIEN was born in the UK, she had moved to Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. After finally settled down in Hong Kong, she started to take singing lesson and Mandarin lesson. To learn Mandarin efficiently, she began to listen to Han Hong. TIEN expressed her love about Hong Kong during the interview, she likes the small yet passionate underground music scene.

       TIEN debut single  "過呼吸 (Breathless)” was written 10 years ago, and it pitched to a lot of different artists before giving to TIEN. She sang the demo and worked really well together, so she decided to sing it with Mandarin, and it became her very first single. TIEN explained it was not difficult to sing in Mandarin as she thinks it was natural of the way she sang, she further explained that the foundation of the emotions is from the music, so she is able to deliver the feeling of the song. 

To hear the full interview, head over to Billboard Radio China.