Billboard Radio China is hosting Billboard Radio Live in Hong Kong between January 9-13th at the AIA Great European Carnival. With great artists from around Hong Kong’s music scene joining us to talk music, perform some of their biggest hits, and receive awards for the year, we decided to take the time to talk to an innovative musician that will join JW in closing out the series. His name is Fat King and he’s probably Hong Kong’s biggest beatboxer.

Together with Doomkitty, Fat King discusses how he went from church choir to beatboxing, the difference between a vocal percussionist and a beatboxer, and what old aunties think he does for a living. We got in depth on the different ways a beatboxer can perform, driving forces around the sounds people make, and even a quick lesson in how to beatbox. Tune in now to hear DJ Doomkitty prove that it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds!

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out Fat King’s instructional videos on Youtube or find the Facebook page for his beatboxing academy, Hong Kong Beatbox (@HKBeatbox).