Another day, another great interview! We got a chance to sit down with Martin Garrix while he was in Hong Kong as part of the Road to Ultra international tour. The 20-year-old Dutch DJ, who’s currently ranked at number 3 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list, was in Hong Kong for barely a day but Billboard Radio China managed to get a few minutes with him just before he went on to headline the Hong Kong festival.

Join DJ Doomkitty for a conversation with Martin Garrix touching on new music and collaborations, his latest track with Bebe Rexha, and his opinion on DJs who pre-record their sets. The producer and DJ, best known for his 2013 smash hit ‘Animals’, went on to smash the final set for Ultra Hong Kong and is back on the road to dates in the US, South America, and Europe. For some people, the party never ends.

This is our second time with the talented Martin Garrix. We met at Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival last month in New York. On this episode of the big interview, Martin shares his fututre plan. Fuled by support from the likes of Bebe Rexha and other well-known artists, Martin states his goal to make breakthroughs. "I don't want to be stuck in the same genre of music." The recent hit In the Name of Love is a loud react to his determination. 

Lastly, Martin expresses his passion to tour in Asia, especially China. He can't wait to come back and meet his Chinese fans. Let's get ready and pumped up for the date!

Check out the Video Interview: