What's going on? It's your boy Doomkitty with a special feature on the life of the party himself, Flo Rida!

We caught his show in Macau Pacha earlier this September and I got a chance to take part in a group interview with Flo. There were a couple audio issues at the interview, so far the sake of clarity, I've rerecorded the questions but we've got his answers.

Flo Rida talked about his future plan on music, and shared his inspiration on collabrating with other artisits.

Keep it locked to hear from Flo himself and to catch some of his latest music including a recent feature on a Pitbull track and his most recent release from his upcoming, unnamed album. Let's do it!

For more information about Flo Rida, please lock on to Billboard Radio China.

Special thanks to Warner Music Hong Kong.