We’re back again with a dramatic interview that, somehow, went right. DJ Doomkitty went over to the Lyric Theatre at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts to check out the hilarious show, The Play That Goes Wrong. Sitting down with actors Katie Bernstein and Edward Judge, we got the story about the play that’s turned a murder mystery on it’s head.

   If you haven’t heard of The Play That Goes Wrong before, we’ve got you covered. Originally premiered in 2012 at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London; The Play That Goes Wrong has traveled the world and won acclaim and accolades in every country it’s come through. With performances on London’s West End and New York’s Broadway, and even a production debut from famed director JJ Abrams, this is a play that’s definitely gone right.

   Without giving away too much of the plot, Ed and Katie play characters on two different sides of the stage lights, with Ed playing a member of the cast and Katie the unfortunate stage manager trying to pull the play back together to a successful final scene. The comedy starts even before you walk into the theatre as members of the cast interacted with the audience waiting to sit down and even included a piece of audience participation to warm everyone up.

   From slapstick to cerebral, The Play That Goes Wrong hits on almost every comedic principle over the last century of comedy, including an amazing physical gag at the end of the play that calls back to an iconic movie scene nearly a hundred years old. Ed and Katie walk us through the amazing challenges the cast and crew face in putting on this show, both in real life and as members of the cast and crew of the fictional Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society putting on their version of The Murder at Haversham Manor.

   We had a great time with Ed and Katie, both sitting down following the media sneak peek of the play and watching the play itself that night. If you want to find out more about this amazing play or even just love hearing people talk about theatre and acting, this is the interview for you.