Featuring a future-bass instrumental and sensual vocals from American R&B artist,TONYB, ‘Without You’ is the first single from Junkilla, painting a picture of the emptinessand loneliness following a breakup. This track marks a fresh change in direction for Junkilla, who up until now were known for their bombastic, trap-heavy beats. Junkilla expressed the following during the making of ‘Without You’,

 “It was raining when we started making ‘Without You’. We were eating Haribo jellies in our studio and we suddenly came up with a random thought of haribo. Then we immediately started creating a track. The initial title of the track was ‘Haribo Rain’. When we got the vocal guide for the track, we thought the lyrics about missing someone will go pretty well with the track, so we altered the composition so that the music sounds more sentimental.” Along with the release of the single, a mysterious and dreamscape lyric video, produced by prominent Korean graphic and video producer COSMICKEY is also available.
South Korean DJ/Producer duo, Junkilla were formed by best friends DJ Baryonyx and DJ Swallow. Based from Seoul, Junkilla is not confined by genres, and has produced everything from trap, drum and bass to dubstep and pop music since arriving at the scene in 2016.

As a duo, Junkilla have fought and persevered for years to reach the point they are now, and they are more driven than ever to fulfill their vision: become Korea’s first world touring household electronic act by delivering fantastic music and an energetic liver performance that will blow the audience away.

The two artists were also chosen to be music directors for the Winter Olympics 2018, which took place in PyeongChang, South Korea. DJ Baryonyx took charge of playing music for speed skating games, while DJ Swallow played music for free style ski games.

Having headlined many local festivals including Global Gathering Korea, World DJ Festival and Ultra Korea, and performing overseas at events such as Ultra Bali Countdown Party and Ultra Japan, Junkilla are planning to expand their horizons even further in 2018, as they prepare to bring their high-octane performances to cities all around the world.

DJ Baryonyx (29) has an unmatched creative vision that attracts attention from his peers all over the world. Riding on the potential of placing Junkilla at the very top of the Korean electronic scene, he has a clear idea of how the duo should position themselves visually and experientially, and this allows them to optimally bridge the connection with their audience.

While DJ Baryonyx has the creative mindset, DJ Swallow (30) brings his unrivalled technical and musical know-how to Junkilla. He is an extremely positive and creative individual who delivers technical production experience. His interest and expertise in sound design will push the bounadries of Junkilla in order to take them to the next level.

Stay tuned for more from Junkilla very soon.