The Scrags new album 'ANYTHING'

Welcome to the wonderful, twisted world of Stockholm based five piece The Scrags who are just about to release their second album 'Anything' on Canadian Indie label The Grizzlar. The album is an energetic mix of Garage, Punk and Psychedelia, whilst making it they've been influenced by The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Suicide, Modern Lovers and Black Flag to name a few.

After a tour stretching from Vancouver to Winnipeg, over 1,500 miles in an old Chevy, playing all kinds of random venues, including a gymnasium in a Nature Reserve pastorally named Eden Valley, the band decided it was time to unleash 'Anything'.

It was largely recorded live on tape which is the only way of doing The Scrags' eccentric live performances justice on record. It is at times melodic and melancholy as well as being dark and beautiful.

Tracks for radio: Invasion Troopers, Televise My Eyes and Never Looking Back.

1. Metadrone

2. Never Looking Bck

3. Instead Of

4. Whole Again

5. Televise My Eyes

6. Cold Wind

7. Void Lodge

8. Invasion Troopers

9. The Night Is Gonna Get Some

10. Almighty Nature Spirit

11. Arrows Of Time

12. Void Lodge