Award-winning pop phenomenon, Billboard Radio China Artist Of The Year 2015, G.E.M., announced the release of her highly-anticipated EP “My Fairytale”. The EP is the first chapter of G.E.M.’s “Fairytale Trilogy,” each of the three EP’s will feature three new songs written by G.E.M. and produced by her long-time music producer and collaborator Lupo Groinig. G.E.M conceived of the three EP idea and wrote the songs while on the road for her third world tour “Queen of Hearts.” The EP is released by her record label Hummingbird Music Ltd, headed by manager Tan Chang, and is immediately available worldwide on all music platforms. The EP cover artwork was created by Giselle Ukardi, a popular Instagram illustrator from Canada who tailored the cover to create a realistic fairy tale art that belongs to G.E.M.


The first track from “My Fairytale” is “Tik Tok” which is currently released on radio has over 9 million views on G.E.M.’s YouTube Channel. The song tells the story of the infinite love throughout life. Shot in the ethereal grasslands of Inner Mongolia, the music video features Taiwanese actor Huang Tenghao.


This first of three EP’s, “My Fairytale” was inspired by G.E.M. who’s achieved the music dream that it’s become a fairytale, thus far G.E.M.’s own fairytale. The music has a story of love and different meanings of a fairytale. "Life just isn’t a fairy tale. This new EP depicts my fairytale that I found in the real world.” She told Billboard Radio China.


While G.E.M. has more than achieved the dreams she has been pursuing, she has also come to realize the reality of her new “fairytale” world. This is expressed in the upcoming EP trilogy, which tells the story of a fairytale romance told from the perspective of a sleeping princess. When the princess wakes up in the real world, she finds an imperfect modern society full of obstacles she works to overcome.


Her long-time producer Lupo Groinig Shared to Billboard Radio China at Hong Kong that “This release marks our 10-year anniversary working together. The new songs really showcase how far she has come as an artist and songwriter.” 


Outside of the E.P, 2018 is a great year for G.E.M who has completed more than 25 shows on her “Queen of Hearts” tour and also recently joined the second season of “The Rap of China.” G.E.M. has an infectious charm and charisma that comes across in her role as a judge on the second season of the hit reality competition rap show.


The superstar who has had five number one albums in China and reaches more than 35 million followers on social media, plans to release the concluding two EP’s of her music trilogy later this year. Each EP tells a personal and emotional story of G.E.M.’s journey, written by her. After ten years from her debut, G.E.M. has accumulated more than 100 awards and concert tours globally.