Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra released the new video for their latest single “Ashita Igai Subete Moyase” (“burn everything except tomorrow” in Japanese) featuring Elephant Kashimashi frontman Hiroji Miyamoto. 

The theme of the song is about the older generation - - represented by the members of the veteran Japanese ska and jazz band and Miyamoto, who are in their 40s and 50s- - handing over the torch of creative passion to the next generation. 

The Shuichi Banba-directed video visualizes the concept with plenty of sparks and flames, starting off with a lit match, then on to a lit Zippo lighter passed from one member to the next, then to full-on blazes as the members and vocalist dressed in sharp maroon suits perform the number licked by bonfires in a barren landscape. 

“Life isn’t a beautiful album/it’s a photograph you couldn’t take,” the song opens, Miyamoto looking straight into the camera. “Beyond the horizon that can’t be seen from this town/a faraway dream sleeps.” 

Saxophonist and lyricist Atsushi Yanaka confesses that he was mulling over the lyrics for this firey number during the entirety of the band’s summer tour though Latin America. “I wanted the lyrics to have the power to change the lives of everyone who listens to it,” he says. “Our generation knows that even if you veer off from the train track, a path will open up if you keep running. There are lots of fun things outside (of one’s comfort zone), and I’d be thrilled if that passion can be handed down to the younger generation.” 

In the short interview spliced into the music video, Miyamoto says that he was immediately drawn to the message of the song when he first received it. “At 1:30 in the morning,” he shares with a laugh. “But I could tell right away that Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra had always expressed that level of emotion through their music.” 

He also remarks that he’d been waiting for a long time for the band to ask him to collaborate. “So many fine artists have sung for you,” he chides the members. “I’d been hoping and praying for my turn to come.” The band has previously featured Takao Tajima (ORIGINAL LOVE), Tamio Okuda, Ken Yokoyama (Hi-STANDARD), Hiroto Komoto (THE HIGH-LOWS), CHARA, and many other high-profile Japanese artists as guest vocalists. 

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s “Ashita Igai Subete Moyase” featuring Hiroji Miyamoto will be released Nov. 28. 

“Ashita Igai Subete Moyase” Music Video

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo