Sakanaction frontman and principle songwriter Ichiro Yamaguchi announced to fans on his radio program recently that the Japanese electro-pop band is set to drop its first new studio album in six years. 

The album will be called 834.194. “The meaning of this number will be clarified through our upcoming arena tour and special website,” said Yamaguchi about this enigmatic number during the program. “So I can’t give away too many details… or rather, I shouldn’t give them away yet.” 

The special website for the band’s seventh studio album was launched after the announcement. “I’m sure you’ll understand what the album is about once you get what the number means,” Yamaguchi assured fans. The site shares basic details of the album, featuring a rough, sepia-tinted silent video fast-forwarding a view from a moving vehicle that abruptly ends with the title and release date, Apr. 24. 

834.194 will be a double album including the singles and hits released after their previous set sakanaction in 2013, such as “Shin Takarajima,” “Tabun, Kaze.,” “Kagero,” “Good-bye” “Eureka,” “Sayonara wa Emotion,” and “Hasu no Hana.” The five members are currently recording new songs for the project, and the full track list will be released later. 

The limited first edition will come with either a DVD or Blu-ray disc featuring 130 minutes of live footage from the band’s 10th anniversary concert held at the Shinkiba Studio Coast on May 9, 2017. The video captures the essence of Sakanaction through the band’s performances of 15 selected songs based on fan requests, and footage of the three male and two female members discussing their careers up to that point. 

The band hailing from Hokkaido will kick off its domestic arena tour promoting the new album on Apr. 6. Yamaguchi weighed in on the fact that the tour will start before the new album drops, so the first half of the surround-sound trek will naturally be a different experience from the latter half. 

“There will be two types of concert, one before you hear the new album and the other after you hear it,” he said. “Both should be a fantastic experience, so I’d like everyone to come experience it and find out what the number means.” 

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo