Gin Lee embarks a new musical journey after joining Universal Music Hong Kong in the beginning of 2016. Her first album beGin with Universal Music reaches Gold record, quickly winning wide acclaim and popularity in only two months.


The songs in beGin is a heartfelt expression Gin’s vision and emotion from the past few years of Gin’s life, having her voice expressed through the works of Eric Kwok, Alex Fung, Fergus Chow, Riley Lam and Xiao Han.  Gin also produces and writes for her own, making this album a creation uniquely hers. Today, June 22, Universal Music presents a special celebration for Gin with a series of superior news.  Having reached Gold record, beGin hits a sales of over ten thousand records in both physical and digital sales. Gin sings Halo live in the event, in compliments of the overwhelming support she has received. “This Gold record result excites me a lot and I would like to thank a lot of people who have been supporting me­ -- my manager and record company Universal Music; my previous agent BMA, especially Mr. Law and Canny; the great promotions from the media; sponsors of my concerts; my fans who purchase my album; the production team of music video; and finally the album’s producers, songwriters and lyricists, especially three major producers Eric Kwok, Alex Fung and Fergus Chow.”


Two of beGin’s producers, Eric Kwok and Alex Fung, are present in today’s event to support Gin, sharing the production process of two of the main titles. These two songs have accumulated over 56 tops in major charts and over 4.8 million views on YouTube.  beGin tops the sales chart of HMV and CD Warehouse, and also holds the iTunes Chart top for five days, KKBox local chart top for two days and MusicOne hot album charts top for two days. In the celebration event, Mr. Ronnay Boteju, CEO of Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance (HKRIA) announces the Gold record status and presents certificate to Gin in marking the milestone. The Managing Director of Universal Music Hong Kong, Mr. Duncan Wong also congratulates and presents a Gold record plaque to Gin. Universal Music group artists also congratulate Gin’s great success with video messages from Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Lowell Lo, Priscilla Chan and Kary Ng, where Gin feels greatly touched by these heartfelt messages.


The other colossal figure in support of Gin is Alan Tam, who is present in the event and awards Gin a model of Hong Kong Coliseum, symbolising her plan to hold her concert in such a prestigious venue in 2017.  Alan Tam is the recording artist having the most solo concerts in the Coliseum, which makes him the most authoritative person to present this model.  Furthermore, in full support to promote Gin’s concert is Live Nation. The Managing Director of Live Nation (Hong Kong) Limited, Mr. Hung Tik and Mr. Ho Lai-chuen of CL Showbiz Limited propose a toast in the event to wish Gin’s concert a great success. All honorary guests of the event and the producers also join the toast to congratulate Gin of her brilliant achievement and expressing their best wishes to her upcoming music boardwalks. To conclude the event, it is also announced the launch of beGin in Korea. With a quick sell-out of deluxe version of beGin in Hong Kong, the new audiophile SACD version, with a limited number of 1,000 copies, will be available in stores from June 24 onwards. Let's get ready for another wave of disc rush!