Taiwan 2017 Golden Melody Awards Best Female Vocalist Mandarin winner Eve Ai came to Hong Kong for our Billboard Radio China Live in Hong Kong 2018 after her Mainland China tour earlier this year. Billboard Radio China’s Live is Eve's first official live event in Hong Kong. Before hitting the stage, Eve sat down with us for a chat about her music, songwriting and future plans.


Eve was so excited about her tour in Mainland China, she explained that she had never gone on a tour before, and she had never been to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu. Without any massive promotion, Eve expected there would be only a few people showing up at here show, but in the end, the show went well with emotional crowd, they were all singing along with her. Eve said the reaction was extremely unexpected and touching, “meeting my fans is like meeting my BFFs!”


Taiwanese pop diva aMEI praised the song "Story Thief” which written by Eve. Eve was overwhelmed, she celebrated immediately after knowing that aMEI was going to to sing the song herself. Eve said aMEI quickly finished her recording session of "Story Thief”, she was extremely intoxicated by listening the final product.

Being a singer and a songwriter, we asked Eve about which role is more challenging, she explained that each stages are all unique, every process is a new challenge for her. She said every respond from the crowd or every lyric that touched her heart are the inspirations of her songwriting. Eve revealed that she wants to present realest self to the audience.


For upcoming plans, Eve said she wants to release a new studio album this year, but she reveals she is taking her time off to travel around the world to experience different life journey, she explained it helps her in her songwriting process, “it is a good way to get inspirations”. Eve wants her fan to listen her new pieces of work as soon as possible.


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