Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Talks China Performing Experience, Working On Solo Album: Exclusive Interview


It's not the first time that brothers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, ranked No.2 in the DJ Mag-Top 100 DJs for three years in a row have lit up a stage in China. Before turning up the music at SPACE Club Chengdu, they sat down with Billboard Radio China to talk about their music and future plans. 


“We haven’t played SPACE  before, but with my past experience with the Chinese crowd, it's gonna be a banger. This time, we are going to bring more new songs to the crowd,” explained Like Mike following on from the single “Bounce”  with Julian Banks, Bassjackers and featuring Snoop Dogg. 



During the summer the duo released their seven-track EP ‘Tomorrowland 2018’, featuring the brothers and Tomorrowland’s favorite hits as “a collection of older songs that people really wanted to hear from us” explained Like Mike and speaking of cross genre collaborations such as “All I Need”, featuring Gucci Mane, and “When I Grow”, featuring Wiz Khalifa, he added “The more music evolves, the thinner the borders between different genres are … Rock is crossing over into EDM, EDM into Hip Hop, and the other way around. It’s definitely the time that everybody can collaborate, and we love working with Hip Hop artists.”



In fact, Like Mike is working on his solo album, which he revealed to be mainly Hip Hop and “other urban-influenced music”.  “It's gonna be a busy year for 2019, but we are ready to rock the crowd with more live shows, new music and different projects and songs to surprise people !” 


To engage directly with Chinese fans, the brothers created their own Weibo account (https://www.weibo.com/dvlm). “We do manage our own social media and please help us to greet our fans from China.” 


Listen to the full radio interview on Billboard Radio China. 


This article originally appeared at Billboard Radio China in Chinese. It has been translated and edited for clarity.