With an extensive discography, DJ Estiva is known professionally as a Dutch musician, record producer producing deep emotional melodies and driving grooves has earned respect and support from a wide variety of DJs, festivals clubs and audiences worldwide over the years. DJ Estiva recently sat down with Billboard Radio China DJ Jimmy at the last stop of DJ Armin Van Buuren’s China Tour (Shenzhen) to talk about everything from how he got to where he is today and his plans for the near future. 

   Talking about his journey on becoming a successful DJ, his heart and passion for producing records and writing music cultivated since the age of 12 - from using basic softwares to producing dance music till when he reached the age of 16 - 18 years old, he got his first release. 

   His first ever release got him motivated to be more creative when producing and writing music of his own. In 2009, people started to like his music and invited him to play in clubs. Unfortunately, with limited knowledge in DJing and mixing music, he underestimated his ability and lacked the confidence during that time.

   Stepping out from his comfort zone, he decided to bring a friend to teach him skills on DJ mixing. With the help from his friend and persistent attitude, his first performance in a crowd of around 500 people was a success – he said that it went perfectly fine. He added that “It was the most nervous time but that was the start.” Even till now, huge support from the planets heavy-weight DJ's and pleasing club goers worldwide has rocketed him onto being a successful DJ.

   Continuously feeling inspired by different elements in music makes him an expert in being able to melt different worlds together effortlessly in the studio as well as in clubs and now performing in various festival stages. Going forward to writing records and slowly starting his professional DJ career, he said that both DJs Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto were the ones that influenced him the most in his DJ journey, “ They got me into the music and now I am sharing the stage with one of them (Armin Van Buuren) .”  It was also a dream come true for Estiva to travel with the DJ that has impacted him in the DJ music industry. “Travelling with someone who I look up to, you kind of actually know the man and it was a really good experience for me.” DJ Estiva sees him not only as an inspiration but a mentor as well “ He has so much experience and can teach me a lot.” he said. 

   As to what’s next? Estiva will be performing in the 2018 Ultra Miami and will be releasing 2 albums soon. Currently, Estiva will be joining again Armin van Buurens residency at Ushuaïa’s brand new Hï Ibiza (Space) super club. On top of that, Estiva says he is very excited and fully satisfied with his first release on the first track of his first ever new artist album “ Rainbow” in collaboration with Ruben De Ronde. “ The sound is 100% who I am right now and who I wanna be in the next few years, I am really confident that it will make things right for me and people will enjoy it.” 

 Article written by Melanie Japson.