Danish DJ and record producer Martin Jensen recently sat down with Billboard Radio China DJ Jimmy at the backstage of Tomorrowland United Taipei to talk more on his performance in Taiwan, more on his new released track “16 steps”, his signature DJ set list and upcoming events. 

A warm welcome from Asia fans made it another unforgettable experience for DJ Martin Jensen at Tomorrowland United, Taipei. Jensen performed with five of his unreleased songs to the crowd as a testing surprise. “ I only tested it in Europe and it’s nice to test it in Asia as well, I have a really big crowd here in Asia… It is really awesome to see that my tracks are working all over the world.” 

Describing his DJ set as “energetic, sing-a-long and catchy”, he also shared his essential and “must have” songs in his set, which includes – “Made in China” (for Asia),; the Latin vibe track “Masela” and the well-known hit track “ Solo Dance”. “ I’m playing for the crowd and not playing for myself, so it is important for me to make the right choices for the songs.” To Martin Jensen, his fans play a very important role in his DJ career. “ If the crowd is a little dead, it influences me, but because I am enjoying what I am doing so I always keep my energy high.” 

On his recent released track “16 steps”, he said that it is a different song compared to his previous tracks, the song is more like a love song where you can release your love, Jensen described the song like a “ Half break-up relationship” “ It’s like the girl wants it and doesn’t want it.” Throughout creating “16 steps” , he wanted to discover some new music which is something different from the club and tropical house tracks (which he is well known for – his signature.) “ This time I’ve been travelling so much around the world and I have got so many experiences and impressions on me. I really wanna try something whatever shows up.” In “16 steps”, he collaborated with singing sensation Olivia Holt., he explained that Olivia Holt is a perfect collaboration and fit for the track. “ Her voice is so amazing and her voice would fit perfectly. I think having Olivia Holt on the track is an indication in itself of how different this new track is.” 

As to what’s next for DJ Martin Jensen, he will be releasing a radio single in October and as well release a bunch of new tracks like “Pull up” in the future. 

To learn more about DJ Martin Jensen’s new release “16 steps”, please check out the full interview at Billboard Radio China.