Bibi Zhou Talks Justin Bieber Inspiration, Blending East and West: The Interview

It's not hard to tell that EDM is at its golden time now, especially in China, bringing in Ultra, EDC, Creamfields and countless DJ and producers. As we celebrate globalization of the genre, more home brew mandarin artists are also emerging into the global stage. Billboard Radio China sat down with one of the biggest Chinese singer songwriter Bibi zhou to talk about her experience on blending Mandopop and westernmusic elements  amidst the globalization backdrop.

Bibi’s latest album "Not typical" is in many ways not your typical mandopop album. The album is the first in China to release one song per month, with each individual release having its own mini marketing and cover designs, a method Bibi learnt from the worldwide phenomenon Justin Bieber. "We are so used to releasing an album's tracks all at once," said Bibi, "but the western market has already developed multiple releasing options to better promote an album and engage the fans in the digitalized industry. In terms of music, the album "Not Typical” demonstrates a fine touch in merging western elements into mandopop, also including 3 English songs “ Nothing to Hide”, “If You Want Me" and "Fascination". As more mandarin artists start to adopt EDM, the key comes to finding the right balance. "The local market’s music taste is definitely changing - addressing more focus on the overall production, melody and groove," Expressed Bibi, "But simple mimicking is not enough, and we need to find what’s best for mandopop." Bibi also explained that what’s categorized as pop in western production is sometimes still quite niche in China. "This is my 9th studio album and I've always enjoyed experimenting with new things. I want to go beyond the mainstream mandopop and feel lucky to have my fans who understand my music." Said Bibi.

The talented mandopop icon has just wrapped up her new album production in London and will kick-start her China tours soon. Click on the link below to view the highlight vide interview in Mandarin.