Belgium duo Steve Braet and Ruben Khaza recently sat down with Billboard Radio China DJ Jimmy at the backstage of Tomorrowland United Taipei to talk about their recent tour experiences, the formation of Wolfpack, and other future plans. 

Just before their stop in Taiwan, they both shared their great experience performing in Belgium with other talented DJs “ They killed it on the mainstage, especially when they gave credits to Avicci, it was a magical moment.” When talking about the most rewarding thing in their performance in Tomorrowland United, they gave all the credits to their fans - “This trip has been amazing… with Tomorrowland United, it’s even more beautiful, we’re blessed to be here and join you guys with this festival. We always enjoyed coming back to Taiwan.”

Smash the House is like a big family to the duo Wolfpack, when asked regarding their concept behind “ Back to Back together”, they both said “ We are a big family, we are used to playing together and having fun together and I think it is just that little something special if you play back to back with your family and friends. “

Speaking more on the formation of Wolfpack, they explained that they knew each other since they were ten years old- long before in their childhood. “ We kind of got together and we became Wolfpack.” Their 20 years of friendship grew stronger and the bond between in making music brought them to what they are today. 

The next few stops for Wolfpack are Bangkok, stone festival in Korea and Ibiza – they especially are looking forward to their performance in Ibiza as they find a sense of belonging and is like a home ground to them.

Aside from great journeys and tour experiences, Wolfpack maintains a busy studio schedule as collaborations and tracks are coming up - Wolfpack has recently collaborated with Timmy Trumpet, and fans should stay tuned as their brand new track will be dropping soon in the Tomorrowland album as well. 

Wolfpack also urged fans to show their love and support towards them by casting their votes on the next DJ mag hot 100 DJs “ We love you guys so much and we would really appreciate it if you give us our votes on the next DJ mag hot 100 DJs.” 

To find more about the DJ duo Wolfpack, please check out the full interview at Billboard Radio China.