The seasoned DJ/Producers MAD M.A.C. have really been reaping the fruits of their labour, by dealing consecutive heavy blows in the DJ scene. Both their ambition and hard work has made them travel to different cities and countries and just recently showcased their DJ sets and joined the party in Tomorrowland United in Taipei. DJ Mad M.A.C. recently sat down with Billboard Radio China DJ Jimmy at the backstage of Tomorrowland United (Taipei) to talk about their experience performing in Asia, their inspirations and upcoming gigs in the future.  

What makes them stand out from other duos is that DJ MAD M.A.C. are duos formed with the same blood – Two siblings united who come from humble principles and generally have a very cool vibe. The MAD M.A.C. brothers were known to be producing for various artists before they were formed and slowly recognized to the world. Their experiences slowly brought them the underground street credibility which helped them launch themselves towards party notoriety. “Chris was producing music, while I was involved at parties and stuff.” 

When asked whether the siblings would easily face conflicts between them while producing music together, fortunately, in order to avoid these kinds of conflict to happen, they produce music in separate rooms. “We make music separately then combine the ideas together….We actually have amazing chemistry and the fuzz is great.” 

These profiled bad boys sure know how to throw a hell of a party. MAD M.A.C gets the crowd’s adrenaline pumping. MAD M.A.C. repeatedly expressed their fun experience throughout the show. “The reaction was brilliant and flawless, I couldn’t expect more from a crowd. It is a very good place and it’s a place to come back for sure.” 

DJ duo MAD M.A.C. ‘s growth has been an amazing and continuing a constant way towards great happenings. Both of them as well added that it was amazing to witness big shows like Tomorrowland are slowly spreading to Asia  “I actually believe that Tomorrowland United was an amazing idea that happened in this country.” 

It has been without the doubt a crazy ride for the two to see their dreams unveil literally right in front of their eyes, this is what has emerged for this talented and grittily determined duo from Greece. It was not only a dream come true for party goers and EDM lovers to be able to watch their favourite DJs perform on stage but equally a dream come true as well for MAD M.A.C. Performing in Asia meant so much to the “very down to earth” brothers which started small.  “ It was a dream come true for us and we couldn’t ask for anything more.” The duo is intrigued with the atmosphere in Asia and especially the reaction of their fans. “Energy is crazy over here, I love this place and the people here are cool.” 

As to what’s next for MAD M.A.C., the duo said that they have a few gigs going on and are heading to the studio with some cool collaborations coming up. They also could not wait for their upcoming crazy track – “Madagascar”  to be released very soon - unleashing their high octane sets to bring out a cool, wild vibe to their fans. 

MAD M.A.C’s love for the city makes them hope for more Asia performances in the future. They mentioned that when compared to performing in Asian countries, Europeans are more used to it while the vibe Asian fans give them just excites the both of them so much that they really want to come again “When you are in Europe, everything is different, you are able to see some cool stuff even like music-wise.” The duo is looking forward to their comeback performances in Asia very soon and hoping to have another gig in August 

“Let’s keep this hot!” 

Check out the full interview and find out more about Mad M.A.C. at Billboard Radio China.