One of the Australia’s most forward-thinking electronic acts, twin beat-makers Cosmo’s Midnight return to Asia this summer with a stunning new single, “Mind Off,” featuring Kudu Blue.

Bursting with gritty synth, "Mind Off" is filled with lush melodies and a pulsating bass line. Swarming vocals arrive from Clementine Douglas of UK act Kudu Blue, binding all elements together in a blissful web. “Mind Off” relays the duo's incredible ability to take the classic foundations of a pop song and drench it in wild beats, creating an addictive and radical dance track. George Reid from AlunaGeorge also lends his production chops to “Mind Off.” 

Following their Splendour In The Grass appearance in July, Cosmo's Midnight have announced their world tour. From August, the duo headed to Asia for a string of shows including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonisia with the final show in their home counrty Australia on September 30.

In this interview with Billboard Radio China, they revealed the story behind “Mind Off”. “We found Kudu Blue on Spotify and we were just really impressed with her voice so were aren’t in order hoping she’d write with us and she was down so we were really exciting.  It definitely was a big challenge because we’ve never written a song by just correspondent on emails, we just emailed the song until we’re all done.”

At the end of interview, they expressed a massive thanks to their Asian fans: “We want to say massive thank you to everyone who’s come to our shows on this tour so far, it’s been like incredible to meet people all the way on the other side of the world, just coming to listen to our music, be humble and thank you!” After this world tour, twins will take a break, “After we finished this tour, we want to just have a nap, play some games and have a sleep.”

Together with a new single, a growing global audience and another international tour on the horizon, it's looking like Cosmo's Midnight's biggest year yet.
Listen to the full 10 Questions interview with Cosmo’s Midnight on Billboard Radio China.