‘Green Girl Phoebe Ryan released her new single “Be Real” on September 8th while her latest MV “Forgetting All About You” featuring Blackbear received almost 1 million YouTube views within a month. 

Her US and Canada ‘Phoebe Ryan Fall Tour’ will kick off on October 31st.

In this interview with Billboard Radio China, talking about ‘Forgetting All About You’ Phoebe says how she “wrote it just the end of last year and it is so great that I was able to put it out now, and I was so happy to put the music video out because I did a lot of the art work for it and it is a cartoon, so it was like just really a great experience being able to put so much of myself into the release of the video and everything.  It was a dream that can be a part of everything, so my friend is a great animator and we just collaborate it, it is really fun”


On debating whether she is an artist or a songwriter Phoebe explains “I was an engineering student like audio engineering, so I was like behind the desk, setting up the microphone, learning about the sound, but then I was like I just want to write songs and sing them.  The debate is still going, but I think I am doing a great job of doing both right now”


In collaborating with Britney Spears, Phoebe comments how “It was like so crazy, it still feels like a dream, she is amazing, I love Britney Spears. I was like super inspired by Britney Spears and Katy Perry, and I also like rock & roll, I don’t know I just like taste pieces from everybody, I just love really good songs”


Phoebe also has a message for her fans in China: “Thank you guys so much, I can’t wait to come to China and perform for you someday soon, hopefully next year”.


Listen to the full 10 Questions interview with Phoebe Ryan on Billboard Radio China.