Jess Glynne Releases Album  ‘Always in Between’, Collab With Ed Sheeran: Exclusive Interview


Grammy-winning Singer-Songwriter for her collaboration with Clean Bandit on ’Rather Be’ Jess Glynne is coming back strong with the release of her second studio album ‘Always in Between’ following on from her single ‘All I Am’ which Glynne explained “is about my family and my friends and the people who made me who I am. It’s a song that bears my soul to those people, shows my gratitude, it’s just an uplifting moment, I think, before the album comes out.”



’Thursday’, one of the most anticipated new tracks on her new album was co-written with Ed Sheeran reflecting a shared experience of living in the public eye and a writing experience with Sheeran that Glynne calls “therapeutic” saying that the song ended up redefining the album.



‘Always in Between’ was a creative journey from a move to LA in early 2017 to work with different talent to a time out with family and friends and finally to working with her closest producers and writers in a country house to “develop the most amazing record” explained Glynne.  “I think I have learned a lot about myself, the things about what I want and what I don’t want. I think I have matured in my emotions … I have achieved a lot in the time that I’ve released my first album … but I have a lot more that I want to achieve. I still feel like I’m very early on [in my career].”


Glynne will be touring in the U.K. starting from November 15 at Glasgow and ending at Bournemouth on December 2, then following by the rest of the world tour in Europe and U.S at 2019 . “I’m changing it up,” she teased, “[but] I’m not gonna give away anything”.  


Early in September, Glynne was invited to Shanghai with the opportunity to explore parts of China and will make “every effort that she can” to perform in in China and Asia in 2019 for her Asian fan base. 


Listen to the full interview on Billboard Radio China.

Author: Zhuoyi Anthony Zhang