Jonas Blue is no strange name to both the EDM and Pop industries. His global hit “Fast Car” broke over 70 territories and made him the global british breakthrough artist. This time Billboard Radio China sat down with the british producer-songwriter at the backstage of EDC China and talked about his music and upcoming album.


EDC China 2018 is Jonas Blue’s third EDC experience but definitely not his first time in China. His singles such as “Fast Car” and “Perfect Strangers” were phenomenal in the region and built him a massive local fan base. “I think the best thing about performing as producer is to hear the fans sing along with your tunes,”, said Jonas Blue, “ and Asia is one of the best places for gigs.” When talking about the rise of EDM on the global scene, Jonas believes that the definition of EDM is becoming broader and more inclusive, and there are still much to explore. “It’s amazing to be a part of all this, it’s my dream since younger ages.”

Speaking of his different roles as DJ, producer and songwriter, Jonas thinks they’re all “part and parcel” of each other since he also values the perspectives of performer when working in the studios. “The focus is on melody: If you get it right and it connects to the mass audience, it doesn’t matter if it’s a studio album or played on the dance floor. As much my music is dance music, it is also pop.” Jonas also admitted that previous successes do bring pressure: “People expect you to have the same success every time, but it’s not something you can predict.” His key is to maintain the curiosity that drives him since 14 to keep looking for new songs and plug-ins: “If you don’t have that curiosity anymore, some other 14 year olds who have it will make it.”


As for next steps, Jonas would love to work with his inspiration and idol Calvin Harris in the future. He is also dropping a new album in June this year. For more information, please go to Billboard Radio China website and download app: Billboard Radio.