As the first foreign celebrity to win a Chinese singing reality TV show that attracted over 1 billion viewers just for the finale alone, Jessie J has created a huge western pop phenomenon in China. 

     Breaking the record of landing over 10 concerts within one tour in China, Jessie J explained to Billboard Radio China how. “It’s been challenging and mind-opening at the same time to tour in a place with completely different culture”, and that she feels “lucky to be able to learn about China and its music, while at the same time bringing in elements of where I came from.” Witnessing the rise of C-Pop and K-Pop on the global stage, Jessie also believes that music as a global language will play an increasingly significant role in globalization and the connection between East and West.

     Speaking of her fourth studio album “R.O.S.E”, Jessie shared that the album served as her spiritual journey and applauds every woman going through different stages in life with strength. “Rose is also the name of my mother and she is a strong, firm and an incredible female that I truly respect.” 

     Her global hits “Bang Bang” featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj recently broke the record of 1.2 billion views on Youtube which Jessie believes shows “how powerful women are when they stand together” while hinting at more collaborations and an all-women projects to come in 2018/19.

     Talking about Hard Rock International, the title sponsor for her Shenzhen concert, Jessie expressed her appreciation of the musical concept, design and details of the Hard Rock hotel. “I feel very welcomed and respected by this appreciation of artists and music.” Hard Rock Hotels Senior Vice President Mr Dale Hipsh also shared that: “Our goal has always been rock and roll with a Seminole Soul and we see a lot of commonality between the brand’s tribal origins and Chinese culture. 

     Hard Rock Hotel is also planning to sponsor more C-Pop and K-Pop artists to create a broader network that connects both global and local artists and music and will launch more hotels in the region. 

     Billboard Radio Chengdu FM 105.1 will on air the full interview at Greater Chengdu on 22nd September 10:30-11:00 (Beijing Time) and rebroadcast on 23nd September 19:30-20:00 (Beijing Time).