DJ David Guetta performing in Road to Ultra Hong Kong, more on his recent single “ Flames” and first time announcing his upcoming studio album 

Being called the “Godfather of EDM”. David Guetta’s life song has been nothing short of spectacular. Guetta is not just any DJ, he has been the most important face behind the mainstream popularity of electronic dance music. Just recently, he sat down with Billboard Radio China at Hong Kong’s annual Road to Ultra Music Festival to talk more on his recent single “Flames” (in collaboration with Sia) and announces his upcoming studio album for the first time. 

“I am very happy to come back, it is a beautiful city and a great crowd.” Said DJ David Guetta right after performing Road to Ultra. He was very impressed with the crowd and he admitted as well that his set was really improvised, playing around with a mixture of bootleg and underground music, going with the flow of the crowd,– he enjoyed it especially when the big audience was following him. 

When digging deep on his latest single “Flames” featuring Sia, Guetta explained that unlike his previous hit - Titanium with a huge chorus, he still finds the song (“Flames”) itself very interesting – “It’s so viby and the beat is really funky and I like it a lot.”  After the release, the song “Flames” climbed to becoming top 2 in Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts in the entire Europe that impressed him much. 

Besides talking on he successful global hit “Flames” itself, many Chinese fans also enjoy the so-called action packed Music Video which has DJ David Guetta involved in it playing as the Kung Fu Villain. The “Flames” official music video which was directed by Lior Molcho, puts Guetta in a classic Kung Fu flick that may apparently appeal especially to Chinese fans, taking the concept of hits to new levels. “ It is so much fun making this video, the director proposed 4 different ideas and I personally picked this one.” 

Over the past decade, Guetta’s fame has gone global - One secret of his success in the industry is his range of his collaborators, From Akon to Sia, Nicki Minaj to Rihanna, collaborating with the biggest artists across the globe, some even representatives of the sort of music that dominated the charts before he did. Starting the collaboration since the year 2011, he witnessed the dramatic change in his music career and has brought colours to his journey to becoming the well-known godfather of EDM in the industry. 

However, of all his collaborators, Guetta selects multi-faceted Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler as the most interesting and surprising he’s work with. On the side note, Guetta is very thankful to his partner Sia – “ She was always here for me, she is like a loyal friend, especially in this industry, they tend to forget people easily.” 

Before joining forces on ‘Flames”, both Sia and Guetta had teamed up on a number of successful singles, including “She Wolf”, “Bang My Head” and their multi-platinum 2011 hit “Titanium” Guetta said “ It is career-defining for the both of us – Titanium changed both our lives and has also changed probably dance music and pop music too.” Guetta also considered that having one of the records making history is a blessing. 

For what’s next and upcoming projects he has for his fans, it was the DJ’s first time ever to announce the release of his next studio album after the summer, “It’s a secret…..I never spoke about it yet.”  He will be finishing the album by the end of this month. 

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Photo Credits: Vincent Chen

Article written by Melanie Japson