Anne-Marie Describes Collaboration with Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit, Julia Michaels and Marshmello: The Interview


Receiving worldwide recognition for her global hits including “Rockabye” and “Friends”, Anne-Marie, the talented English singer-songwriter now finds herself on tour for her first studio album “Speak Your Mind”, landing debut live shows in Asia and across the globe. Billboard Radio China managed to catch up with brilliant singer-songwriter amidst her busy tour schedule to talk about life on tour, new music, collaborations and upcoming plans.


As the album march into its one year anniversary, Anne-Marie shared her secret sauce for achieving massive worldwide recognition in a few years time: "You never really know how your music is going to be received by the world, and all I did is trying to be as honest as I could and talk about real life and situations I’ve been through."


Debuts in Asia and life on tour also brought Anne-Marie inspiration for new music:"Touring and performing in front of a live audience is very different from studio recordings...2019 is definitely the year of new music for me. My music will continue to be very raw, open and honest, and I’m excited to see how people will move and feel with them."


Speaking about her collaborations with talented artists including Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit, Julia Michaels and Marshmello, Anne-Marie believed that “Inspiring” is the common theme. “Without each of these collaborations I wouldn’t be where I am today and wouldn’t feel the way I feel about music. They’ve taught me so much.” expressed Anne-Marie.


Heading into the second half of 2019, Anne-Marie hinted more music, collaborations and news to come. Just as she described: “Keep your ears open for my new music!”  Check out full radio interview with Billboard Radio China.

Hosted and Written by: Chloe Fang

Procuded by : Billboard Radio Chengdu FM 105.1