Tungevaag & Raaban is a dance music producer duo consisting of the Norwegian DJ Martin Tungevaag from Stadlandetin Norway, and the Swedish DJ and producer Robbin Söderlund  artistic name Raaban) from Boråsin Sweden. Sharing a common interest for Electronic Dance Music, they have both collaborated and separately produced music within the genre for many years. Today the duo has over 300 millions streams on Spotify. 

In 2015 they decided to take their collaboration to a higher level and officially created the duo 'Tungevaag & Raaban". The duo has been Grammy nominated for their track ”Samsara” which alone has over 120 million streams. The song started as a student party track for a couple of peoples in Norway and reached fast out to millions around the world.

Tungevaag & Raaban have been touring around the whole Europe, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Japan. Recently, Billboard Radio China sat down with duo at Shanghai to talk about their China tour and stories behind their music.

Last year, Tungevaag & Raaban released  "Hey Baby" and filmed music video in Hong Kong.  

Wny they chose Hong Kong? How's China tour so far? Meanwhile, during the interview, Tungevaag also shared with us some secrets about Rabban and himself  that fans don’t know. Do you want to know what secrets? Click the button to check out full radio interview or watch highlight video interview here:https://www.facebook.com/BBRadiolive/videos/365160774203306/

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