After several months of not performing on stage, Dutch DJ Sam Feldt returned to Asia to perform at the Wake Up Call Music Festival at the W Bali, and sat down to catch up with Billboard Radio China. 

Early in July, Feldt had to cancel his summer touring due to a scooter accident, but this did not stop him working during his recovery. “I made a lot of music, including my new single with The Avenger’s star Jeremy Renner that just came out. I try to be productive … and really focus on the positive. Although I am back touring recently, I still need to attend physical therapy every month. But I survived, I’m just really happy that I’m back.” explained Sam.

Speaking of his collaboration with Renner, “I made the connection [through] my publisher, actually.” said Sam. He was already working on the song, ‘Heaven (Don’t Have A Name)’, and his publisher said to him, “you know Jeremy Renner from the movies? … He wants to make a track with you.” Being a fan of Renner’s, the two went into a studio in L.A. and Renner “turned out to be a very good singer.” 

Sam also released his first-ever Chinese remixing track ‘Qing Fei De Yi’ with Singaporean-American electronic music trio Trouze and Singapore singer Derrick Hoh under Flyta Records in September. ‘Qing Fei De Yi’ (which means ‘can’t help to love’) is a Chinese classic love song by Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Harlem Yu. “I didn’t know what to expect of that track. I just had a lot of fun creating it with Trouze and Derrick,” explained Sam who was later surprised by the amount of positive reaction to the release. “I saw the reaction on NetEase Cloud Music, and on all the platforms I have in China, and I translated it, and everybody was so [positive].”

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