From Rap of China (2017) to Idol Producer (2018), it’s no doubt that China is entering an era of idol music with music contest shows dominating the current chinese pop cultural landscape. Billboard Radio China sat down with Evan Lin (Lin Yanjun), the rising C-pop artist who attracted over 12 million online votes during the finale of Idol Producer, to talk about the impact of idol industry on the current C-Pop music scene as well as his music and plans for 2019.

Evan expressed that the advancement of technology, fan economy and internet traffic have completely changed how the current music industry works in China. “When I was young we gathered together to listen to Jay Chou’s music on the radio. But as we enter the digital music era, the huge internet traffic has expanded the size of the industry, speed of new creations and variety of outputs.” said Evan, “Countless new songs and new idols are born everyday here, forcing singers to put even more effort on fine-tuning their products --- as only the best can last.”

Evan’s recently-launched first solo EP, Imperfect Love, broke QQ Music’s best sales record by selling over 3 million yuan (US$0.5 million) within 28 seconds. The EP consists of 2 songs, the groovy R&B love song Imperfect Love and trap music You. Evan cites his music influences to include Khalid and really enjoyed the groove in Khalid’s recent single Better. The young artist was also inspired by four-time Grammy Award winner Rodney Jerkins after his meeting with the industry veteran in US. “He said we need to learn from the best to be the best and it really hits me.” expressed Evan, “I still have much to learn from the best music and artists in different eras.”

In 2019 Evan intends to focus more on fine-tuning his songwriting skills and release more tracks and participate in music-related reality TV shows.

Check out the full Mandarin interview on Billboard Radio China.

Author: Chloe Fang