R3HAB Joins New Management In China, Releases New Single ‘BAD!’, Brings ‘The Wave’ Tour to North America


In the new year of 2019, Dutch DJ and music producer R3HAB is moving in a new direction. R3HAB has joined an artist management company called Dancing Dragon Management under Live Nation Electronic Asia for an exclusive Greater China management deal.


To celebrate this new deal, an informative masterclass called “Music Wave” was held at Shanghai Bund No.22.  During the event, Billboard Radio China sat down with R3HAB to talk about his new management in China, his latest single “BAD!” and his North America “The Wave” tour. 


“Under this deal, we are planning to open a studio in China in the hope of fostering more Chinese talents by providing a platform for them to learn and grow,” R3HAB shared. “There is such a potential for releasing music on my music label CYB3RPVNK. Even more, I am open to more business opportunities on all scales.” 


On January.18, R3HAB released a funky hiphop single, “BAD!” under his own label. The single is a cover of the rapper XXXTENTACION’s hit single, “I just wanna make sure you wanna dance. The melody will suck you in.” he said. 


On Feb.2, R3HAB will bring his album tour “The Wave” to North America. “We designed new visuals, very cool visuals, and the storyline is gonna be amazing. A couple of shows are already sold out, and I can’t wait!” R3HAB said. “I am also working on bringing the show to China after.”

Check out the full interview on Billboard Radio China.

Author: Benson Zhang/ Live Nation Electronic Asia