Japanese pop-rock band Nulbarich performed its first solo-headlining concert outside of Japan on Saturday (May 11) at the Legacy Taipei in Taiwan. 

The group is known for its smooth, jazz-funk influenced pop sound produced by frontman and singer-songwriter JQ. While still relatively new, having released its first album Guess Who? in October 2016, the band has already sold out the prestigious Nippon Budokan in Japan and has appeared in many music festivals both domestic and abroad, including some of the biggest in Asia such as the Strawberry Music Festival in China and the Grand Mint Festival in South Korea.  

The band kicked off its Taiwan show with “Silent Wonderland,” featured in Japan as the ending theme song of the Taiwanese movie Missing Johnny written and directed by Huang Xi and executive produced by Hou Hsiao-hsien. 

Xi attended the show and later commented on the likeness between her award-winning movie and Nulbarich’s music. “The mood of the lyrics and my movie are very similar,” she noted. “It’s constantly in motion, but standing still in the end. The latter half of Missing Johnny was also slow-paced, but has a happy ending. Today’s concert was like that.” 

Taiwanese actor Yuan Huang (Sean Huang), who played the character Lee Li in the movie, was also at the show. “I love the band’s style, mixing soul, blues, jazz and more,” he shared afterwards. “The live experience really brought various images to my mind.” 

The band rocked the venue with a solid 20-song set featuring a mix of recent and older numbers, including “VOICE,” “Kiss You Back,” and fan favorite “On and On.” JQ made sure everyone was enjoying the show in-between songs by addressing the audience in English, Chinese, and Japanese, receiving loud cheers and applause throughout the concert. 

Before launching into the last number of the evening, “Stop Us Dreaming” from the band’s latest album Blank Envelope, he thanked fans once again for their loyal support that made it possible for the band to ascend to its current position in such a short period of time. 

Nulbarich will be performing a solo-headlining show in South Korea July 20.  

Text: Billboard JAPAN / Photo: Courtesy Photo