English singer Dua Lipa has released her new album “Future Nostalgia”, a full collection of sophisticated and catchy dance tunes with 11 songs in 37 minutes. As the title suggested, you can hear music elements emerged in specific eras in “Future Nostalgia”, such as house and disco. For example, the lead single “Don’t Start Now” is a dance song with influences of Eurodance in the late 1980s, which has become her first top three entry on Billboard Hot 100. Above all, Dua Lipa’s confidence shines through in the songs that talk about self-possession, telling people that she deserves to stay in the spotlight.

Future Nostalgia was released in late March, earlier than the original April release due to a full-album leak. Despite the difficult situation under early release and coronavirus pandemic, the album has achieved a strong result by debuting at number 2 on the UK Albums Chart. It has also received widespread applause from popular music critics, such as Variety and Rolling Stone.
You can listen to songs from Future Nostalgia on Hot 100 now.
- Matt Wong