Mike Orange is a founding member and a guitarist from Chochukmo, a 5-piece indie rock band from Hong Kong. Mike has been working as an arranger and a producer for various music project since 2011 and with different theatre productions as a composer and music director since 2015.
Mike picked Unruly Wind to remaster for Guitar Calling album which brings various professional guitarists together on one album. The song was originally performed by Leslie Cheung and it was released in 1985 in the Wei Ni Zhong Qing Album. Mike was fascinated by the song when he first listened to the cassette tape of the album at age nine. Unruly Wind was composed by Kōji Kikkawa, a Japanese singer, so Mike decided to keep the song in Japanese Rock style of the 80s. He also matches the song with his personality to add a taste of unruliness. You can listen to Unruly Wind on Asia Hits now.
- Samuel Mo