Indonesian crossover dance sensation Dipha Barus new track 'Down' is a well-timed dose of ultimate feel-good track. It's a collaborative effort with on-fire US producer, singer and songwriter, CADE.

DJ/producer Dipha is one of the biggest acts out of Indonesia with over a decade of experience in the Indonesian music industry. In the past, he has used essential elements of traditional Indonesian music in his songs. 

Pop-house hybrid 'Down' has bouncy basslines with soulful R&B-esque lyrics delivering an easy-going summer anthem.

“'Down' is a record about simply living in the moment with your significant other and not stressing or over-thinking about what the future might hold. Simple as lemonade,” he said. “I hope this record can bring smiles and joy to everyone as we experience stressful times around the world with COVID-19," states CADE.

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- Billboard Radio China