After releasing "Forbidden Lovers" on Ultra Records earlier this summer - the first single from his forthcoming EP, MYRNE returns with another emotive, melodic indie-dance lofi-house gem in the form of "Sleeping On My Own Again." The song's delicate instrumentals and solemn melodies evoke feelings of a love turned cold, which was the Singapore-based producer's inspiration for the track. MYRNE's definitively dreamy and surreal style is ever-present on "Sleeping On My Own Again," which follows the tone he set with his cinematic first single "Forbidden Lovers." Both tracks will be featured on his upcoming EP, a collection of songs that MYRNE wrote while being in a period of self-discovery.

"This was a really somber yet fun song that sparked when a close friend of mine - Charlie Kurata (Duumu) - sent me a bunch of guitar instrumentals that he wrote. I somehow got inspired to write about insecurity in a relationship, and the defeated resignation that follows after both parties realize there isn't much for each other anymore. The kind of song I'd listen to alone, staring out a window, at 2AM." - MYRNE

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- Billboard Radio China