The Underground is proud to announce the launch of Noise Origin- a print-on-demand website that showcases the unique designs and logos as created by the Hong Kong musicians you know and love. Whether it be a favourite band, musician, music venues or music school, flaunt your support by copping some merch! 

The idea came about as Chris B (founder of The Underground) was brainstorming ways for bands to supplement their revenue during this pandemic-induced rocky patch for live music. “When I read that Fender had sold more guitars in 2020, I thought – wow, what else are people buying? Asking around, it seems they are buying ANYTHING cool,” Chris B mused. “As I’m involved in the music scene here, it seemed a natural idea to launch an e-commerce venture pulling into focus the very community I’m trying to help.” promises an exciting visual experience as shoppers can select a band design and superimpose it onto T-shirts, kids apparel, hoodies, tote bags, and even masks.
For every item purchased on the website, around 40% of the net profit will go directly to the musician or band. 

Nate Wong, drummer & founder of jazz band Wong Way Down, is one artist who submitted their designs to the website."We are excited to be part of Noise Origin. It gives us a chance to get our gear out to our supporters and is another income stream during this difficult time for working musicians." 

Jonathan Synn, singer/guitarist from local band The Sulis Club, is also pumped to be a part of Noise Origin. "We discussed [it] as a band and thought it was an awesome opportunity for us, as well as all the other bands. We can focus on our music, without worrying about merch." 

The factory that is collaborating with The Underground has been in the garment printing business for nearly 10 years- so not only will patrons be supporting local artists, but a locally run business too! 

Visit Noise Origin now to get yourself some cool band merch, and support your scene in the process.  

About The Underground 
The Underground was founded in 2004 and has been the longest running local original live music event promoter ever since,attracting thousands of music fans and musicians from all over the world to their events. 
The Underground is committed to helping local artists kick-start their careers and connect to the world, via events, CDreleases, and its music industry network. Over 600 bands have performed at The Underground events and more than 260 events have taken place since 2004.